Saturday, February 28, 2009

Re-do'ing the 1/2 Bathroom...

I don't like my 1/2 bathroom. So, I decided this weekend to re-do it. Paint, new accessories, towels...etc. It's the main bathroom in the house - meaning that almost everyone who comes in my home sees it and uses it. I have recently been in some really nice 1/2 bathrooms. Warm colors, classy paintings, finger-tip towels for drying...etc.

When we moved in, the people that built our home were border freaks. In every room. Ugly stuff. We did every room over, and painted...etc. We thought that we could "work" with this, and painted the white walls periwinkle blue. I liked it for a while, but then I saw all those "classy" 1/2 baths lately. This is soo.....uh....frilly. Ew. Ick.

Here is a close-up of those baskets filled with flowers.

That lattice? Yeah, the wallpaper is literally cut that way. I've started tearing it, and the glue isn't coming off. It's already a nightmare.

Oh, and I have this hanging in there too...

Can you say "DOESN'T MATCH???"

6 years of this awful room. 6 years of kids doing this to the toilet paper roll holder:
As you can see, we've tried to repair the mess. To no avail.

Home Depot - I love you! I found the perfect color with the most basic accents. I won't tell - it'll be a "big" reveal.

Wish me luck. Husband (herein called Mr. I) will be helping me. Although I told him I wanted to do it all myself, he's a control freak, Mr. I, he is...

Oh, and last night, I crafted 9 cards at my "scrap" night with a friend. GO ME!

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