Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ahhh. Scrapbooking..

I can't show pictures this time because I just finished my GWA book.
Lemme explain.
3 of my BFF's have known eachother for YEARS, we're talking atleast 15-20 years.
Every year, we go away on a long weekend to somewhere - in the past, it's been Saugatuck, Galena, the Dells, and Shawno, WI.
I take pics. MANY pics.
So, a few years ago, I decided to make an 8x8 book of these pics. This weekend is called Girls Weekend Away. It happens every June or July.
Cuz our birthdays are all in June, silly!
So, I have created a gift.

Each year, the girls hand over their 8x8 books, and I scrap the previous years' GWA.
Oh yeah.
Lots O' Pics that you wouldn't want ANYONE to see are here, in this book.
It's our thang.

Why am I posting about this, you wonder?

Yep - I'm done 4 months early. Typically, I crunch the month of May, and sweat it out and get them done. I've completed both in a record time, I think, one month. As of tonight, they are


Lookie - I will give you a hint...Now of course this is last year's page...I can't show you this years!!!

And this is the mess that this year's album's created...

So I'm just sayin' - I am done. I have created, and damn it, I feel Good about it!!!

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Carisa said...

what a fab gift! so lucky and sounds so fun!