Friday, February 11, 2011

She's getting older.

Funny how that works. Feed em, water em, teach em, and they grow. Crazy.

This year she decided to do a cooking themed birthday party. Since I was having a scrap night with some of my closest friends prior to this, we each made an invitation for her to send.

We are making 2 teams of 4, and pulling out the cake pans, making some buttercream AND fondant (more on that later).

Decorations are the most fun. I scoured and found beautiful after beautiful tutorials on cupcake liner garlands. Pom-Pon's. So cute and easy!!

Ingredients: (keeping with the theme, ya know)...
2 packages of different colored cupcake liners
1 package of small doilies
1 package of large (not cone) coffee filters
1 needle
1 package of colored floss

Take a piece of floss and thread through a medium sized needle. String the materials, varying in pattern. Be sure to also thread them off center sometimes, it adds to the variety.

It's so easy, and that growing weed loves it!

I'm planning on making some cupcake liner Pom-Pon's, which I will feature next time. Wish us luck!