Sunday, October 17, 2010

Having Crafty Mojo Rocks.

In the past month, I have completed:

4 dryer vent pumpkins,

Thirteen 12x12 layouts for my children's albums,

3 cards,

baked cheeseburger cupcakes,

decorated my house for the witching day,
made two glass cool things,

went dumpster diving for a really cool table,

spray painted a frame,
cut chicken wire for said frame (not easy!!),

painted a real ugly collector's spoon holder for my daughter that I found in Iowa while antiqueing with my cousin,

and made a cool frame/shadow-box thingy at Archivers.

Busy bee, I am! Buzz Buzz! :)

I love this weather, it's cool out, I'm not sweating while I work, and the paint dries a little bit better.

Crafty viewing pleasure...

Thank you Amnesty day for bringing me this crazy black painted old table. See the leaf that pops up? Underneath all this black paint I think there is pine. Yes, pine. Ah....
50 cent frame. Take off the back, paint it white (again), staple in some chicken wire, and you have a holiday card holder. It's a work in progress.

Oh, and one more thing - I watched my husband and daughter try out the new Easy Bake Oven. Priceless.