Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer time fun!

Well, I am officially off work! Whoot! That means, time to play catch up - if I haven't mentioned that already. First up, office clean up.
5 bags of shredded documents.
I took a picture but then deleted it. It made my OCD go overdrive. We also put together our gazebo on the deck. 4 hours later, it looked like this. We had to take a trip to Geneva, IL for the rest of the parts. They only gave us the big pieces. FUN.

We also took in a Cubs game - we went to Cellular Field (sox home) where you can't get AT&T reception on your phone. Seriously. What a scam. Anyway, we had great seats, and Zambrano got kicked out of the game for fighting Lee. Good stuff!
So what if we lost? We haven't been doing good for 100 years.

In between all that, I managed to whip up 2 batches (that's 24 in 2 days) of Pancake Muffins. Can you say YUMMO? My fam LOVED them. The recipe (and my daughter helped me spell that, the little friggin' genius - she's 7) anyway, can be found here.

Also, I finished my beautiful basket. Now to put plants in it. BBQ is in T-minus 15 days. Lord help me.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Re-cap from 365 post

Yeah! I got my new card reader - that was fast, huh? So, here's a recap of this week. We had AWESOME storms this week - another trip to the basement bathroom - this time eating dinner by the toilet. Lovely.

See the wonderful power lines that are right beside our house? So pretty.
My fav. flower has started blooming in my garden.

After the storms, came a rainbow, but somehow, it came out darker than I thought. I really need to read the instruction manual on my camera and spend a few hours playing. Yeah, I have that kind of time.

And...last but not least, I actually got down to biz and got some craft on. Can you guess what I'm going to do with this old, ugly basket that I scored for a BUCK at a garage sale?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ideas abound

So I have seen quite frenquently the whole 365 photo idea. I brought it up with Mr. I, and he laughed. I know that I need to start taking more pictures. Starting today. And I was GOING to download the pictures I took today, but my Dazzle card disk reader isn't working!!!! So, you'll have to wait for pics.

Father's Day weekend was loads of fun. We're in high-gear for BBQ. Plants are planted..and we spent the better part of the day in the heat sweating setting up a big gazebo. Also realizing that it requires 4 people to help instead of 2.

The children fought. We saw Karate Kid (very good). We cooked dinner. And here it is, not even 7 and I'm wiped out.

Does anyone even read this? I'm thinking that this whole blog thing isn't really for me. I don't know if I'm even wasting my time.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Been very busy here with baseball, crafty-ness, getting ready for our bi-annual BBQ...etc.
Here's what's been going on...1st up, baseball. Jake's team is well...they try.

And the BBQ...well, let's just say that there was a reason that we skipped a year. Between flowers, gazebo's, hanging lights, cool cups, burger cupcakes...wha? Yes, I said Burger cupcakes.
And these cool cups that I'm SO very excited about...
At the end of the school year, I always give the teachers a gift. Last year I made pails with goodies in them. This year, I found this somewhere in this wonderful blog-o-sphere...

Oh, and I found a new blog I ADORE. Ree has been around forever, and I know I'm slow to discover her and her wonderful-ness. Check her out over here.
I've been tinkering with the idea of switching either to Typepad, or some other bloggy place. I've been trying to plant a bug in Mr. I's ear about him creating my very own space. After all, that is what he does for a living...if that doesn't pan out, I suppose I'll do the switch. Any suggestions?