Monday, May 18, 2009

It could be better, thanks for asking...

But I won't go there. I'll try to think crafty, happy thoughts and everything will be ok..

Here is the finished product for the centerpieces. It turned ok, dontcha think? I know the retiring teacher will like them, and it's a total surprise! :)

Also, this area has been bugging me lately. (Like I have any energy to do something with it!). This is the area next to my crafting space. Currently, there are two tables there...and a big TV box that the kids have been coloring on for a year. I'm going to toss the box, move the rectangle table into storage, but the round table is from my Mom's house and I don't want it in storage. The garbage to the left of the sliding glass windows obviously needs to go out -reminents of my cleaning out the storage area last week...

Orginally, I was thinking of putting some wicker furniture and a table down there because eventually, outside that sliding glass door, we'll screen it in, and put patio pavers down...
but in the next room is our sectional/tv/video games...I'm thinking too much furniture...Then I thought about extending my craft area out, but I use the back wall for shelving, etc. and it's

Help! What would you do with this space? Jen? LOL...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Been busy! Craft Central!

I've been so busy lately, and I loooooove it! :)
I finished those cards yesterday for my lovely sister-in-law! She has two weddings to go to, so I quickly put them together. Tying a Tiffany bow is hard!

Here are the un-finished centerpieces that I'm working on for my friend and soon to be retired teacher!

I took some branches that were dead, cut them, spray painted them white (with my old client Rustoleum!) and stuck them in terra cotta pots. I added moss on top to hide the foam that they were stuck in. Next step is to make leaves with my ever-so-handy-dandy Cricut, and then Modge Podge the many faces that she has taught over the years. I have two weeks to finish 5 of these...I think I'll be fine time-wise.

Also this week, the girl and I enjoyed our first watermelon of the season. Not from our back yard though, those darn rabbits keep on eating the sprouts!

I guess I need to re-read the manual for my new camera (Sony SLR)...because these pics suck with the lighting!
Thanks for looking, and happy crafting!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just ramblin'

I was surfing around, and saw this...

Isn't that the coolest thing ever? It's a card/poem/gift. The numbers are actually rolled quarters in tissue paper, for the year of the child. The coolness can be found here: I'm still trolling around her blog, but so far, lotsa neat stuff!

I have another couple of projects going on at the moment. I am in the process of making wedding cards, one is a Tiffany Box design, as the bride has themed her wedding in Tiffany. Upon further investigation, I have found more brides picking this theme! Seems to be the hot "new" thing...

On another note, I am also making centerpieces for a soon-t0-be-retired teacher at my Temple. The lighting is dark here, but I'll upload a pic tomorrow.

This week is going to be a tough week for me, and I am not sure how I'm going to get through it and end up on the other side. But, I'm going to keep busy, and thank goodness I have a lot of projects to do just that!

TFL and happy crafting!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

And the winner is...

of the blog candy that is: Jen R!!! I'll leave send you an e-mail. I'm somewhat dissapointed in the amount of comments, but this was my first blog candy give-away, so I'll roll with it.

Life has been very busy here, summer activites are warming up, as is the weather.
Doesn't stop me from plugging along though! :)

I'd love to share a picture, but since it's a gift for Mother's Day, I can't...but I will after Mom's Day! :) I have some plans to do this week, so I'll be updating later this week..