Sunday, March 15, 2009

They are all sick.

Icky Sick. Daughter has temp ranging from 104 to 101, Son has temp from 102-99, and Mr. I has no temp, but is ill.


No school tomorrow, I'm sure Mr. I will go to work (he won't stay home unless he's in the hospital), and I'll be stuck inside on a 65 degree day with sickies.

Today has been a movie day. Even the dog is wandering around lost and dazed.

On the upside, I had a fabo party last night and sold a few of my cards. Not many, but it was fun! I have a few orders for announcements and invitations, so that will keep me busy!

Till later, when I report that I too, am sick.

1 comment:

Carisa said...

oh no! i hope your kiddos feel better quickly and that it passes over you and the mr. ;)