Monday, March 23, 2009

I think the sickness is over.

And now the work begins! Before the "sickness", I had a cocktail party and presented some of my cards...well....out of that came some jobs. DUH! And then the house got sick.
Slowly, but surely, I've been working on the cards and jobs I had gotten almost a week ago.

Here. Lookie.

Can I just tell you how much I love embossing? The "surprise" is embossed in Chocolate Brown - my fav. color. You know, it's the "new" black...
Also, I had orders for Grad cards - they have been on here before...
I found this really cool website while I listened to my family hack their lungs out the last few days. Check it out:
All kinds of DIY stuff... Neat-ness and sometimes stuff where you ask "REALLY???" (like the UFO juicer...)

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Jen r. said...

It looks great! You do a fab job embossing! Jen