Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer time fun!

Well, I am officially off work! Whoot! That means, time to play catch up - if I haven't mentioned that already. First up, office clean up.
5 bags of shredded documents.
I took a picture but then deleted it. It made my OCD go overdrive. We also put together our gazebo on the deck. 4 hours later, it looked like this. We had to take a trip to Geneva, IL for the rest of the parts. They only gave us the big pieces. FUN.

We also took in a Cubs game - we went to Cellular Field (sox home) where you can't get AT&T reception on your phone. Seriously. What a scam. Anyway, we had great seats, and Zambrano got kicked out of the game for fighting Lee. Good stuff!
So what if we lost? We haven't been doing good for 100 years.

In between all that, I managed to whip up 2 batches (that's 24 in 2 days) of Pancake Muffins. Can you say YUMMO? My fam LOVED them. The recipe (and my daughter helped me spell that, the little friggin' genius - she's 7) anyway, can be found here.

Also, I finished my beautiful basket. Now to put plants in it. BBQ is in T-minus 15 days. Lord help me.

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