Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Boy, I got my crafty mojo back! Now if I just had some time! I saw this cool, inexpensive craft out there in blog-land, and thought it was so cute. Wanna make a cute pumpkin?? I have so much fall stuff out at home already, but I had to do this too - even for friends and for the office.

Go straight to Menards or Home Depot now. Buy a box of dryer vent. It was about 9.00 for 8 feet of the stuff. It's silver, and it's used to hook up to your dryer.

Cut it. Like so.

Hot glue the ends together. Be careful, it's hot!

Then you have this:
While you are at Menards or Home Depot, by a can of Rustoleum orange spray paint. I used to work for them (shhh....it's a looong time ago), and they rock. Paint that baby orange.

Once it's all dry (get the underside too!), stick some whole cincinnamon sticks in the center, tie it with some ribbon or raffia, and Viola! You have yourself a pumpkin! For about $10.00.

Happy Crafting!!

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Anonymous said...

adorable!!! love this idea!