Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bad Blogger.

Thanks Michele for the kick in the ass (by linking me) that I so needed to update this joyful, yet neglected spot. Since January, this has occured.

  • I finished the Ipod Valentine's. The kids' friends loved them. One even thought it was real! Yes, I bought 48 Ipod's. Ha!

  • I realized that my paying job isn't all that it's cracked up to be. People are not what they seem (waving of hands in mysterious manner)

  • My nanny up and quit on me. Poof. Gone. All during my supposed relaxing weekend scrapbooking in WI.

  • I found a cheaper alternative to childcare.

  • I shoveled more than I've ever shoveled in my life. Damn Chicago winters.

  • But, on the flip side, Spring is here, and I'm seeing tulips sprouting up.
So - re: Scrapbook weekend. (we'll skip the nasty nanny story. It involves a lot of tears, drama, throwing up, and general bitchy-ness. You wanna skip that mess, trust me.)

Mmmm. A candy cart.

The weekend warmed up a bit, notice the lack of snow on the driveway. What a great house.

Michele stitching again. That girl can sew her papers like no one's biz.

And I actually got 10 layouts done. Even with the drama.

We are going back in October. Even though it is 8 months away, I can't wait. Good friends, awesome host (Thanks Karen!!) and too much food.

I'm back on the blogging trail - watch out!!!

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