Friday, May 8, 2009

Been busy! Craft Central!

I've been so busy lately, and I loooooove it! :)
I finished those cards yesterday for my lovely sister-in-law! She has two weddings to go to, so I quickly put them together. Tying a Tiffany bow is hard!

Here are the un-finished centerpieces that I'm working on for my friend and soon to be retired teacher!

I took some branches that were dead, cut them, spray painted them white (with my old client Rustoleum!) and stuck them in terra cotta pots. I added moss on top to hide the foam that they were stuck in. Next step is to make leaves with my ever-so-handy-dandy Cricut, and then Modge Podge the many faces that she has taught over the years. I have two weeks to finish 5 of these...I think I'll be fine time-wise.

Also this week, the girl and I enjoyed our first watermelon of the season. Not from our back yard though, those darn rabbits keep on eating the sprouts!

I guess I need to re-read the manual for my new camera (Sony SLR)...because these pics suck with the lighting!
Thanks for looking, and happy crafting!

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Jen r. said...

Very cute. I love the twigs! Jen